Wisconsin Winter Emergency Car Kit

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Preparing an Emergency car kit: Winter Edition

One thing that worries me and thousands of others during the winter months is to become stranded. Warmer climate areas always tend to think that they may never need snow tires or to be prepared for any winter weather at all and this is never a good way to think. My prime example is Alabama in January 2014 hundreds of motorists were stranded on I-20 for two days or more because of Winter weather. The national guard was called into the state but not all of the motorists were reachable – I know of no deaths however I’m sure there were several victims of frostbite , dehydration and other known issues that were caused from being stranded. All of which could have been prevented if they had been properly prepared for an event such as that one.

Here are the top 5 Essentials that we feel should be in your vehicle during the winter months to help be prepared in case you’re to become stranded in freezing temperatures.

1. Map –
Most people would not think of this because with today’s technology we all tend to use our GPS as most cell phones have them built in it is definitely easier to obtain than before. You should always keep a good ol’ classic paper map in your vehicle. Most will fit right under your seat or behind if it has built in pockets. The purpose of this is that yes a GPS may be made available but it is still operated on batteries. If those battery are to die and you have no clue where you are the paper map will be able to help you.

2. Blankets , Extra clothing –
One thing that you have to worry about during the winter months is the cold weather. Keeping warm is definitely a need greater than most. We suggest heavy blankets such as wool or thermal so that the heat from your body will hold in the blanket and not escape.

3. Water, Food –
Having food and water is important because you could be stranded for a few days or even weeks depending on the circumstances. Just remember that an average person can go up to three weeks without food and only one week without water. Personally I keep two 2 liter bottles in my van at all times.

4. Winter tools –
Every car should have a basic necessities kit already in place which should include items such as Flashlights, Flares, Jumper cables etc.. For the Winter months a few items you may want to add are:

– Deicer

– Compact Snow Shovel

– Hand Warmers

– Snow Chains

and any other items you think you may need.

5. Have a plan-
Being prepared for almost every situation will ensure that you will have a better chance of surviving without harm if you were to become stranded. One way that can help not only you but ANYONE that drives your vehicle is to have a printed out plan or instructions – You can leave this in your glove box so that other drivers may have it and know about the kit in the back. Make sure to tell them where the plan is if they’re going to be driving your vehicle.

We hope this helps you in preparing for this Winters travels!

This post was written by Sandra S. Sandra is the owner/author of Confessions of a stay at home mom a well known mom blog featuring useful tips, recipes, giveaways and so much more.

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