Top Road Trip Game Ideas for Milwaukee, Wisconsin Drivers

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The Best Road Trip Games

Before we left for our last road trip, I created activity binders for my kids. They weren’t convinced it was a good idea and their doubts made me worry. But now that we are home, I can tell you that they were a big hit and the road trip games made for great boredom busters. Here are some of the best road trip games to play:

License Plate Game: There are plenty of printables for the license plate game or you can create your own by making a list as you see the different states. The game is easy – see a license plate, figure out where it’s from and mark it on your list. Whoever has the most states at the end of the game, wins!

Road Trip Bingo: Again, there are a ton of printables on the internet so there’s no need to create your own. Search, print and play! We play blackout bingo because it makes the game last longer.

Slug Bug Game: Spot a Volkswagen Beetle and call it out loud. With our rules, classic bugs are worth 2 points, newer bugs are worth 1 point and classic vans are worth 5. On the (very) off chance you see a Herby Bug, it’s worth 8. At least one person in the car has to see the bug you are calling for your point(s) to count. We just keep count in our head but you could use tallies on paper if need-be.

I Spy: For our most recent road trip, I printed off a couple of ‘I Spy’ lists. The boys had many things to choose from and they could play together or individually.

Alphabet Game: You’ll be looking for every letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order, although the letter can be located anywhere in the word. You’ll use road signs, billboards, shop names, anything outside the window. EX: Say there is a fruit stand with a sign for Granny Smith apples – there’s your A. My family also plays a variation where we find something that starts with the letter. EX: You see a Target — there’s your T.

I win: This is a game my dad made up. Basically, you find something (anything) call it and say ‘I win’! EX: “10 cows! I win!”

Which road trip activities do you take on road trips??

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