Peter Dinklage Narrates Chrysler 300 Ad

September 2nd, 2019 by

Keep your eyes open for a new Chrysler 300 ad. Have you seen “Game of Thrones”? Well, Peter Dinklage, an actor from the show, has narrated a Chrysler 300 ad. The ad started airing on April 9th, and is 60 seconds in length. The ad is titled “The Kings & Queens of America.” It is available for viewing on Youtube.

The ad illustrates a world where anybody can be a king or queen–it doesn’t have to come from family blood. The purpose of the ad is to celebrate people who don’t give up in reaching their goals while simultaneously advertising the Chrysler 300. Olivier Francois, the global Chief Marketing Officer of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said that “Our latest homage to the relentless and proud is ‘The Kings and Queens of America,’ where we recognize nobility not as a birthright but an earned designation.” Francois also said that he would like to celebrate those “who refuse to give up, dedicate themselves to a craft and have the guts to turn dreams into reality.” The ad ends with a picture of the Chrysler’s wing badge and an advertisement for the 2015 Chrysler 300, which is seen driven by people throughout the commercial.

This ad is part of Chrysler’s “Drive Proud” campaign, which celebrates people who work hard for their titles, but also to advertise the Chrysler brand. Chrysler has teamed up with Wieden+Kennedy Portland, an advertising agency, to run the campaign. Chrysler is planning on showing off the Chrysler 300’s 363 horsepower and great all wheel drive technology through this campaign series. This campaign will run through June, and commercials will not be the only way it will be noticed; expect online and perhaps magazine articles, too.

The Chrysler 300 is a four-door sedan that stands out with its’ great build and is a luxurious vehicle offering 31 mpg highway. You will ride quietly in this vehicle, and be satisfied with the available V8 power and technology. The standard V6 engine, is great if you’re traveling to any snowy areas. It has available all-wheel drive and a standard eight-speed automatic transmission. Both the front and rear styling have been revised throughout the 300’s time. It was first shown at the 2003 New York Auto Show. It has been assembled in different countries such as Canada, Austria and China. It is offered in four trims: Limited, 300S, 300C and 300C Platinum. It has a starting price of $32,390.

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