Car Shopping with Kids for Milwaukee, Wisconsin Drivers

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There are several advantages to bringing your child along with you when buying a new car. Car seats, door handle height, ride height, and accessibility are all factors that need to be considered.

Even if you don’t decide to bring your child with you, you must bring your child’s car seat along. It is important to know if the seat will fit properly and allows you to have easy access to your child. Anyone who has ever climbed into the backseat of a vehicle, just to buckle their child in, knows how important these factors are when purchasing a new car. Testing it out before your purchase is thinking ahead!

While we’re on the topic of car seats, how many children do you have in a car seat? Are you planning on having another child during the life of this vehicle? Another great reason to bring your child safety seats with you to shop for a new vehicle is to determine if all of your car seats will fit. Some families may need to consider other vehicle purchase options after testing it for themselves.

Does your child enter your current vehicle independently? Is that something you are looking to foster in the near future? Allowing your child to enter vehicles on their own while test driving will provide you with insight to their usability. It will give you visual confirmation that the ride height and door handle placement will work best for your child’s needs.

Do you have teenagers? If you have a teen or tween, the likelihood that your new car purchase will later become the first vehicle they drive is high. Bring your teen along for their opinion. Ask if they like the vehicle and if they would be comfortable learning to drive it later.

Do you want your child along but aren’t sure if they will be patient during the entire process? There are several preparation methods that can help reduce wait time.

Consider pre-qualifying for your purchase before you shop.

Take a moment to call ahead to make sure the children will be accommodated in the best way possible.

Ask for a sales representative that works best with children.

Bring items that you would usually use for their entertainment in the car.

Ask a friend or family member to come along.
Your car buying experience should be one that the entire family can be a part of. Bring the kids, grab the car seats, and get ready for a fun day for everyone!

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